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Why some emails that I receive are marked as Spam?
Last Updated 4 years ago

Sometimes legitimate emails are marked as Spam because your sender might use a compromised email service (for example, newsletter companies often have IPs blacklisted because of spammers) or they didn't setup the SPF record for their domain.

Step 1. Check you or your colleagues didn't blacklist the sender or their domain - in your Admin Panel, go to Filtering -> Blacklist page and search for the domain of your sender.

Step 2. You can by-pass their faulty configuration but you should be very careful as you'll expose yourself to fake emails. Use this guide to whitelist the sender - careful, you're doing this at your own risk. The best approach would be to advise the sender to fix their issues. 

  • Login to your Admin Panel
  • Go to Filtering > Whitelist and click the New button. 
  • Fill in for Address the domain of your sender and check the following: Check Virus - Yes, Ignore SPF - Yes, Apply to Headers - Yes.

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