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Why a certain email was not delivered?
Last Updated 4 years ago

If you're expecting a certain email and you want to troubleshoot why it wasn't delivered:

Step 1. From your Admin Panel, go to Logs Incoming Logs and look for any incoming emails. We list there all the emails that hit our servers and if they were Delivered or Rejected - more details are available when you click the Status.

Possible reasons:

  • Host is blacklisted by, - the sender is blacklisted. Inform the sender so he can fix their issue.
  • Unable to deliver email to - the email address, alias or distribution list didn't exist when email was received. Add the email account and ask the sender to send again.
  • SPF - Fail. Inform sender to update their SPF records. An SPF record is a TXT record that specifies a list of authorized hosts that can send emails on behalf of a domain.

Step 2. Not seeing the email in Incoming Logs? This means we never received it and you should ask the sender for proof he sent the email.

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